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TEST 7A (Module7) Vocabulary A Choose the correct word/phrase to fill in the gaps. 1. rush hour prime time 3. temper mood a). I can’t believe they’re showing such violent films on a) John argues a lot and finds it difficult to control … TV! Many young people watch at this hour. his … . b) You should leave early tomorrow if you want to avoid b) Henry was exhausted and in no … to go out for the … traffic. dinner. 2. test exam 4. grapevine headline a) My brother passed his driving … yesterday. a) Have you read the … in this morning’s paper? b) Do you prefer sitting a written or an oral … ? b) I heard through the … that John is getting a promotion. Is that true? B Fill in the missing word. There are two answers you do not need to use. Media, impact, degree, certificate, deal, connect, edits, timetable, attention, newsreader, download, extension 5. Computers had a huge … on the 20th century. 10. Teen these days use their mobiles as a(n) … of themselves. 6. I can’t seem to … to the Internet for some reason. 11. The students who pass the exam are given a … . 7. The … on BBC1 is really handsome. 12. Multi- taskers are able to divide … between different activities. 8. It’s taking ages to … this file. 13. A photographer … pictures he has taken on his computer. 9. Have you got your new school … yet? 14. Alex can’t … with the stress of moving to a new area. Grammar. C Underline the correct item. 15. Ann may/has to leave school early tomorrow. She has a dentist appointment after school. 16. If Ben gets permission from his parents, he may/ must study in France next year. 17. Kate should have/ must have studied a lot for the history exam. He got very high mark. 18. Students mustn’t/ needn’t run in the school corridors. It’s against the rules. 19. You can/must raise your hand and wait before you ask a question. D Fill in to, on, for, from, about. 20. I find it extremely difficult to concentrate … my homework when the television is on. 21. John comes … a very wealthy family. 22. My sister always blames me … things I never do. 23. Most bullies don’t care … the feelings of others. 24. The mum yelled at the boys because they had been mean … to the cat. Everyday English E Choose the correct response. 25. What’s the best way to do better in my exams? ___ A That’s the spirit. 26. How did you do in your maths test? ___ B You could revise more often during the year. 27. I’ll try my best to pass the history test next time. ___ C Pretty well. 28. Why don’t you get a full-time job and go to evening school?__ D How come? 29. Tom’s decided to postpone his studies for a year. __ E That’s easier said than done. F Circle the most appropriate response. 30. Can I borrow your dictionary, please? A Not at all. B Of course. 31. Shall I carry this bag for you? A Yes, please. B No, you won’t. 32. We could go to the cinema tonight. A That’s a great idea. B No, we might not. 33. Will you explain this to me? A Yes, I should. B Certainly. 34. Could I ask you a question, please? A No, you wouldn’t. B Yes, of course. Listening G Listen to Mrs. Jenkins talk to her class before their final exam. For questions 1-6, choose A,B,C 35. This afternoon, students are sitting a(n) A History exam. B English exam. C French exam. 36. The students are told A there is one mark per question. B there are three pages of questions. C the exam has different types of questions. 37. What exam rule applies? A Students must print their name on every page. B Students cannot leave the room. C Students can look at the course text book. 38. What advice does Mrs. Jenkins give her students? A They shouldn’t guess if they don’t know the answer. B. They should not forget what they have learnt about essay structure. C They should finish early so they have time to look back for mistakes. 39. The students are told not to worry because A they are capable of passing the exam. B the exam is easy. C they can retake the exam if they don’t pass. 40. At five minutes to two, Mrs. Jenkins says that the students can A start writing. B Look at the questions. C put their name on the exam. Reading H Read the text and match the phrases (A-F) to the gaps (41-45). There is one extra phrase. A so we set off the following week for our exciting adventure B and do something different for a change С went on to learn how to identify different species of animals D but we weren’t very keen on the idea at first E and build fires just by rubbing two sticks together F and that everyone could learn at their own pac KEY TO TEST TEST 7A A 1 a) prime time 3 a) temper b) rush hour b) mood 2 a) test 4 a) headline b) exam b) grapevine B 5 impact 10 extension 6 connect 11 certificate 7 newsreader 12 attention 8 download 13 edits 9 timetable 14 deal C 15 has to D 20 on 16 may 21 from 17 must have 22 for 18 mustn’t 23 about 19 must 24 to E 25 B F 30 B 26 C 31 A 27 A 32 A 28 E 33 B 29 D 34 B G 35 B H 41 B 36 C 42 A 37 C 43 F 38 B 44 C 39 A 45 E 40 B , Контрольные работы по английскому языку для уч-ся 7 кл. (УМК М.З. Биболетовой и др., Английский язык. Контрольная работа. ГДЗ: Спиши готовые домашние задания Контрольные (тестовые) задания по английскому языку за 7 класс, решебник Е..
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